Family Portraits 2009

Growing up, my family had the yearly Olan Mills portrait. You know, the one with the background of the fake Christmas tree or those blue laser beams that were so popular. Stunning portraiture, it was not. Thankfully, once us kids were past the “cute” stage, we tapered off and didn’t have pictures taken for several years. It wasn’t until our church in Trion began doing the portrait fundraiser that we had a family picture taken— right at the brink of my awkward, blemish-ridden, glasses-wearing, gangly teenage years.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, thanks.

The next family picture we had taken were at our wedding. A special day, but still not the traditional family portrait.

Once Micah and I moved away to Alaska, I think the whole “our family is growing apart” reality began to set in for all of us. This led to us taking family pictures when Micah and I came home for Christmas the first time:

Shaw-Peter Family 2008

This year we tried two things: Downtown Nashville and Panama City Beach. I’ll share the Nashville ones another day, so here are the beach ones for now. Enjoy meeting my awesome family!




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