Hello 32 Weeks!

Shortness of breathe? Check.

Back pain? Check.
Trouble sleeping? Check.

Whew boy! Oh boy! BOY, STOP IT! Or girl, stop it, whichever you are!

Bending over? Forget about it! I was at the grocery store yesterday trying to get some cans off the lower shelves and I had to squat all the way down then slowly pull myself up. Not so bad if you’re only getting one or two items, but if you’re trying to price compare a row of items… whew! Not the easiest thing in the world. In fact, it’s quite difficult.

Some good news or bad news, depending on how you look at it. My appetite is back. Oh boy, it’s back with a vengeance! I am hungry ALL THE TIME (isn’t this what the first/second trimester was supposed to be like?} and I still get full easily, but at least I can eat more than a saucer portion of food now! For about two months there I would eat half a regular-sized sandwich and be full. Now I eat the whole sandwich, and orange, a small salad, and a glass of milk! Want to know what I brought today to eat? An orange, wheat things, a pudding cup, sliced veggies w/ ranch for dipping, a mixed greens salad w/ lots of veggies and honey Dijon dressing. Oh, and a yogurt! And I ate two slices of toast w/ strawberry preserves for breakfast and am drinking a peanut-butter banana smoothie. And of course, water.

Yeah. Food and me are friends again. I don’t dare come to work without anything less than 4 small snacks because otherwise Baby will be gnawing on my insides come 2pm and that just doesn’t feel good.

Still have to stay away from cereal and milk, though. And apples. We are definitely not friends right now.

Most definitely not.

Only 8 weeks to go! 56 more days!

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