Hello 33 Weeks

Things are good for me. I had my 33 week check up yesterday and everything looks great! My blood pressure, heart rate, and iron count are top-notch, and the results of the gluclose test came back and I’m in absolutely no danger of gestational diabetes, in fact, my blood sugar count is low enough that I’ll most likely never have diabetes, which is very good considering my family medical history. As far as weight gain, I’ve gained approx. 2 lbs since last week, so baby is putting on the right amount of weight, as am I. Marilyn showed me how to check where the baby was and I was able to feel the baby’s head! It was so cool! I even felt baby nod while I had my hands there… that type of interaction is so special. There’s nothing like it.

Baby is smart, too! Already he’s head-down and facing my spine, which is the easiest way for me to deliver. (Thank you, Baby! Mommy really appreciates that!) I guess that explains why his butt is always up in my face. Yeah..


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