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Two about to be three

Micah and I are trying to keep this weekend free so we can have a “babymoon” weekend of sorts, since we’re saving every $$ and can’t actually go anywhere. We’re going to run some errands and pick up the last of the baby items, and then we’re locking our doors, turning off the phones, and staying far away from email and facebook. We’ll still have the Bible study on Saturday night, but Friday night is all ours.

It’s crazy to think that this weekend will be our LAST weekend alone until the kids are grown up and off to college or in homes of their own.

Next Friday Grandma Shaw comes, then my maternity leave starts that Wednesday with Mom arriving Wednesday night, and then Friday the 19th is D-day! And after that.. Baby!

We will never be alone again. At least, not without careful planning and the recruiting of babysitters or grandparents.

That’s a sad thought.

As excited as we are about Baby and anxious for his or her arrival, we can’t help but feel a little sad about what we’re giving up in the process. We’ll no longer be “newlyweds”, at least, not in the fullest sense of the word. Instead, we’ll be parents.

Now, that’s a scary thought!

No more 6am Halo nights, at least, not without bringing along the travel yard and turning the volume down. No more spontaneous weekends..

..but then again, we never did go out for a spontaneous weekend..

..but it was nice knowing that we could..

..if we wanted to..

..which we didn’t apparently..

..but still, we’ll miss that.

At least, I think we will.

But even with what we’re “losing,” it all pales in comparison to what we’re gaining: a life. A part of us to love, nurture, and teach how to rock out to Relient K. Sure, we’ll miss the freedom, but neither our social life nor our marriage is over. Yes, it’ll take more planning than before.. but I’d give it all up again in order to hold that baby in my arms.

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