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Life has become nothing more than a blur

Get up. Feed Caleb. Change Caleb. Feed Caleb. Change Caleb. Feed Caleb. Change Caleb. Somewhere in there eat and shower. Feed Caleb. Change Caleb. Eventually go to bed. But as always, feed and change Caleb several more times before morning comes.

A blur, yes, but a beautiful blur.

For even though the days are passing by so quickly, I still get to spend every moment with this amazing baby of mine.

This morning Caleb’s umbilical cord fell off (at 9 days old), and so tonight we gave him his very first bath. As soon as we put him into the warm water, he got this look on his face that said, “Hey.. I know this feeling!” The only time he cried was when Micah lifted up his head so we could wash his neck. Otherwise, he just laid back and chilled while we washed in between his little toes and fingers, behind his ears, and across his big ol’ belly. It was such an experience for Micah and I, to be washing this baby we created, together.

The whole past week has been one “moment” after another.

Moments of thankfulness.

Moments of wonder.

Moments of appreciation.

Moments of amazement.

Moments of love.

Moments of laughter.

Moments of happiness.

Even now, I’m sitting here typing while Caleb sleeps next to me. He was so relaxed after his bath that he just closed his eyes and fell asleep, even without having Mommy feed him. That allowed us a good hour to clean up, get ready for bed, and for Mommy to blog! Horray!

I’m still working on my Labor and Delivery story, ie. “How Caleb was Born” but it may be a while in coming. I’m lucky to get on facebook or upload pictures, much less write a post that would be several pages in length. Whew.

Time has definitely become precious.

Sleep, equally so.

Even though Caleb is a good baby and lets Mommy usually get about 6-7 hours accumulative sleep each night (either 3 2-hour intervals or 2 3-hour intervals), taking care of a baby takes a lot out of you.

Not to change subjects.. actually, with every intention of changing the subject, we have SO loved having Mom here. I’ll have to dedicate an entire post to just how much I appreciate her sacrifice, but also how you never fully realize a mother’s love until you become a mother yourself. Now, I can see her acts of love every day during my childhood, my teenage years, when I became a finance, a wife, and now, a fellow mother.

And since I am recovering and can’t do everything I used to do, at least, not for a few more weeks, I am having to depend on Mom much in the same way I had to when I was a little girl. The role reversal, of Caleb depending on me and my depending on Momma, has taught me the deepness of love, as well as true gratitude.

Mom, thank you.. thank you for being my mom, and for being here as I become a mom. When I saw you walk into the room that night and your eyes light up as you saw Caleb for the first time… words can’t describe the feelings of thankfulness that you would be here to share these first days with us. You have been a tremendous help and encouragement. Not just with doing the housework or cooking meals, but all the advice for all the things I don’t know. From how to swaddle to the right bath temperature to how to sooth a crying baby, this is all so new to me, but you’ve been here before. You’ve cried the tears, both the good and the bad, and now you’re crying each tear along with me.

Thank you.

Thank you for loving me.

Thank you for loving Caleb.

Thank you for being you.

And we love you, too.


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