Goodbye Spring, Hello Winter

That’s right- we’ve gone back in time… or at least in seasons! We’re in Bethel for the week, introducing Caleb to all his family and of course, the weather decided to greet us with an extra-special welcome!

i.e. A Blizzard!

Uh-huh. Bethel has been experiencing a blizzard for the last two days that has decreased since we got here into a good ol’ snowstorm. It was sooo weird getting off the plane because the snow was blowing sideways, taking us along with it! Even now the wind is still blowing hard outside, and since we’re upstairs in Bek’s old room, it is even louder and, yes, scarier than normal. *Shivers* I usually like listening to the wind blow, but this is just.. Stay home with a warm bowl of soup kind of weather.

Speaking of soup, Dad Peter brought some over when he came to see Caleb this evening. He was soooo excited to see his new grandson and Caleb was pretty excited to see him too! Apparently, Micah’s hands were extremely cold, which is what you get when you go out in a snowstorm without gloves, ahem! But Dad Peter’s hands are like personal heaters and so Caleb warmed right up to him. Ha! Yes, pun intended!

Mom Peter was happy to see Caleb, too. But only slightly happy. 😉 hehe.. no, seriously, she has barely let go of him the entire time she’s been here! But he doesn’t seem to mind in the least. In fact, I think he kind of likes the attention.

So I know that I am going about this kind of backwards, but we almost didn’t make it here! Our pastor picked us up from the house to take us to the airport, but we were running late so we weren’t able to stop at the church and pick up my nursing cover that I had left there last night after service. (Already I have missed that cover GREATLY.. sigh.. this is going to be one long week.. cause a blanket just doesn’t cut it.. or stay up without help.. sigh)

It was interesting going through security with a baby. I could carry the milk through, even in quantities greater than 3oz, but had to declare it beforehand. Even so, I still divided it up into 3 3oz bottles, just to make things easier all the way around. And I had to take Caleb out of the car seat and carry him through. Thankfully, Anchorage airport is really laid back and on the bottom of any terrorist list, so security is pretty much the least stressful that you’ll find.

However, the real “stress” was found at the gate when we were informed that, due to weather conditions in Bethel, the flight was being delayed. 15 minutes. 30 minutes. 45 minutes. 1 hour. Finally, an hour and a half later, we took off.

But the good news is that Caleb did awesome on his first plane trip! We had a bottle all ready for him to help with the change in air pressure, and it made him nice and happy so that slept for the first half of the trip, then was just happy and awake for the second half. Let’s hope that the ride back home is just as good!

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