Another day, another sleep-lessened night

It’s not a sleep-LESS night because we actually do get sleep, no, our nights as sleep-LESSENED. Caleb tends to take after Mommy and Daddy and is a night-owl. No matter how much we keep him up during the day, he doesn’t get sleepy until around 11 or so, then feeds and dozes until midnight, when he finally drifts off to sleep.

That first half of the night he’ll sleep a good 4-5 hours straight, only stirring MAYBE once. Then he’ll get hungry at the 4/5 hour mark, I’ll feed him, and then he’ll go back to sleep. For the last two weeks he’s been sleeping straight through any dirty diapers, so Micah and I have to make sure that we change him when he feeds, so he doesn’t overflow his diaper, at least until his poo-to-pee ratio thins out like it’s supposed to in the next few weeks.

But here this week the poor little guy hasn’t been feeling good. Starting at 4/5am, right after the feeding, he starts getting fussy and we have to clear out his nose so he can breathe easily again. He seems to sleep best with his head slightly elevated. I already spoke to the doc to make sure that we were doing all that we can, and we are, so we just have to wait it out. In the meantime, we just make sure to give him plenty of TLC and fluids.

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