My First Mom’s Day

Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day and it was a wonderful! After a great and spirit-filled service at Church, we came home and began preparations for what I hope will become a tradition for us: a Mother’s Day picnic!

The day was absolutely perfect! In the 50’s with bright, warm sunshine, a slight breeze, and white, puffy clouds just above the horizon, but blue skies everywhere else. Micah and I had made Mexican Tuna Burgers with Black Bean spread, lettuce, and tomatoes, then homemade potato salad- surprise! We managed to find a recipe that we both LOVED- and it only took 20 minutes! Too easy. We had packed a pineapple upside down cake for dessert, but ended up being too full to actually eat it. Oh! And we had made lemonade too, the perfect picnic beverage!

We laid out our blanket, ate yummy food, and then laid back and did a favorite pastime of mine: cloud watching! We saw a poodle, Jaba the Hut, and a gondola.

After that we listened to some music until the iPod died, then Micah continued singing to me while we just talked and daydreamed.




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