Caleb is 2 1/2 months Old!

At the beginning of the month, Micah and I had some extra time as we were waiting to leave for service and the afternoon sun was pouring through the windows in the living room, so Micah and I decided to take advantage of the situation and stage an impromptu photo shoot.

I love the results! What a handsome, chubby, adorable boy!

The cheeks! Oh, the cheeks! And the pouty mouth- the lips! I’ll have a dozen children, just let them all have those cheeks and lips!
Caleb was soooo asleep that we were literally holding him upside down and he wasn’t waking up. I wish he would sleep like that at 5 am!

Emily and I both love this picture. Soft and strong. Smooth and rough. Mmm. I love my guys!

Then! A miracle happened! Mommy got camera time with Caleb! Up until the past two weeks, I’ve had NO pictures with Caleb. Seriously, I could count them on one hand. But now, he’s all mine!

His little head is so soft. I love giving him kisses!

It’s so peaceful to hold a sleeping baby… I wonder if he’ll have blonde hair like Mommy?

The trust of a child is one of the most beautiful things in life. I promise I won’t let you down, Caleb.

I love this one! He’s so big, yet so tiny– and Micah is strong, dependable- protective.

But of course, he’s got to keep an eye on Mom.

I’m watching you, little missy.

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