Just call him Scooter

Caleb has become mobile! Since I’m at work all day and Micah only has night classes (he’s in his last year of studying to be a Firefighter/EMT), he’s a SATD (Stay-At-Home-Dad), which is pretty awesome considering that we don’t have to put Caleb in daycare, and that Micah WANTS to stay at home. Not many men would, you know what I mean?

Anyway, over the last week, Micah has been telling me how Caleb is trying to roll over from his back to his tummy! He’ll put Caleb on his mat to go get a drink or something, and when he comes back, Micah will find Caleb on his side, pretty disgruntled that he just-can’t-get-that-last-little-bit to go all the way over. It’s a bit surprising cause from what I read, babies usually do the tummy-to-back roll first, at 3-4 months, and THEN the back-to-tummy roll at 5-6 months. But Caleb has it backwards. He’s trying to do the back-to-tummy and has almost got it, meanwhile the tummy-to-back just seems to allude him. Weird kid.

But the biggest news is that Caleb has started scooting!

Micah took this yesterday while I was at work. See that beige pad there on the right? When Micah put him down for a nap, he laid Caleb’s head at the top, with his body underneath the blanket.After about 30 minutes, he started hearing some funny noises on the baby monitor and this is what he found:

See? Caleb scoots.

By a combination of wiggling and pulling himself along by grabbing the sheets, Caleb had managed to scoot halfway across the bed! Super funny but disturbing, too. Looks like he won’t be taking any more naps on the bed. It’s time to set up the play-yard!

Ahhhh! My little boy is growing up and I’m not there to see it! I’m so thankful for my thoughtful husband, to know that I want to be a part of these special moments. Love you, babe.

So, how about it? When did your babies first roll over? When did they start scooting?

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