Thumbs, Pacifiers, and Bottles, oh my!

Over the last few weeks Caleb has learned that he a) has a thumb b) pacifiers double as chew toys and c) he can hold his OWN bottle.

About half the time he’ll suck on his thumb, the other half of the time he’ll actually suck on his fingers.

The thing is, he doesn’t just suck on one or two fingers, instead he clasps his hands together and tries to stick them all into his mouth at one time. Um.. choke much?

Does it taste good, Boy?

Most of the time, he prefers his fingers to his pacifier, but some days, like this day, he is content to sit there and chew on the pacifier for over an hour.

He’s now at the point that he’ll just about take the bottle from us if we’re taking too long! Something funny happened the other day while we were visiting with some friends. The mom took out a bottle for her little girl and Caleb’s eyes lit up and he started getting all excited, thinking that the bottle was for him! Silly kid.

“What do you mean other kids have bottles, too?”

I love how each day is something new. Each day is a new opportunity to experience, grow, and laugh. He makes me so happy.


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