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  1. What a perfect photo. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. Come join my linky party at

  2. thanks! i love to just watch my baby sleep, especially in the morning light 🙂

  3. Every single picture you have posted of your baby has been adorable! He looks and sounds like the sweetest, happiest baby ever! I definitely think you are ready for another :O)

    P.S. I know, I know….You’re thinking—this woman doesn’t even know me……. :O)

  4. Oh Belle! First of all, I count you all as friends, so no worries in that department.

    And yes, he is adorable. He is sweet. And he is happy. And yes, I do think that he’s the best ever… but I might be biased. :/

    He’s turning 4 months this Saturday but already I’m having baby aches… I miss my prego belly (I LOVED LOVED LOVED being pregnant!), and I miss how tiny he was those first weeks.

    Everything in due time, right?

  5. Oh my goodness that is such a precious picture for WW.

  6. Paige, thanks! I love his morning naps, especially now that he’s learned to suck his thumb. It’s so peaceful 🙂

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