Goodbye to my baby… and to Caleb

This morning I woke up early.

As in an hour and a half earlier than I usually do.

This morning I lugged a duffel bag down the stairs.

It was full of clothes for Micah… and for Caleb… but not for me.

This morning I filled a box with 40 oz of frozen breastmilk.

Since Caleb will need to eat.

This morning I checked flight itineraries.

To make sure their flight was on time.

This morning I kissed my son and held him close as he fed.

Because I’m not going with them.

It’s 9:10am. Two hours ago I left Micah and Caleb at the airport, walking through the security checkpoint.

A little bit of my heart went with them.

You see, this weekend is Micah’s grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary and so they are having a huge family reunion. It’s a huge family reunion because Micah has a huge family. On my side, our family (from grandparents on down) is tiny, just 17 people. On Micah’s side (from grandparents on down), there are around 60 people, babies and all. On that note, I do believe that Caleb is the newest member of the family- talk about getting loved to death!

For the longest time, we thought that Micah would be headed down to either Louisiana or Virgina for the Coast Guard, both those plans were canceled as of a few weeks ago. That left us scrambling to buy a ticket last-minute. Thankfully, we were able to cash in our miles for a ticket. Not thankfully, it was going to cost 40,000 miles in order to get the ticket. Umm.. what? Usually a round-trip ticket costs just 25,000 miles… such a waste.

But good news! We decided that since Micah’s time was flexible, he could actually leave a bit early if there was a cheaper flight. There was. In fact, we were able to get the one-way flight down there for 12,500 miles, which means the round-trip would have been 25,000! Horray!

Then the big idea came. We decided that Micah would take Caleb with him down to Montana, and that I would arrive as planned on Thursday.

Oh boy.

Since I’m keeping the computer with me so that I can work on pictures without a bunch of distractions, Micah was going to be really bored sitting at the airport. While driving to the airport, I downloaded a radio app so that we could listen to Glenn Beck live and Micah made the comment, “I wish I had a fancy phone…” And so I said, “Do you want to trade phones for the next two days?”

I’ll never forget the little-boy-puppy-dog look that came over him as he looked up at me and said with disbelief in his voice, “Really? You’d do that for me?”

Puppy dog eyes always get me.


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