Thrifty Tips

As I just made an appointment to get my hair done tonight, I thought that perhaps I should share some of the thrifty deals that I’ve been making use of lately. Hope they help!

1.Get your hair cut/get a pedicure/manicure at a beauty school
Beauty schools are often overlooked, forgotten, and ignored. But they have some of the greatest deals out there when it comes to getting “prettified”. In fact, my very first pedicure took place at a beauty school in TN for the grand total of $8. Can’t beat that. Here in Anchorage, Mom Peter (Micah’s mom) introduced me to Trendsetters, a beauty school down the street from our church. Not only do they allow walk-in’s, but they wash, cut, and style for just.. drum roll please… $10! That’s right, ten smackeroos! I’ve looked around and every other place in town wants $30 and up! And that’s the sale price. And the quality of cut is just as good if not superior to anywhere else as they only let the 2nd and 3rd year students cut in the salon. So the moral of the story is, don’t overlook your local beauty school, it could be hiding some great deals for you.

2. Sign up for the birthday club
Just about every restaurant or eatery nowadays has a birthday or e-club of some sort. Last year I signed Micah and I up for several e-clubs and have never regretted it!  About a week before our birthdays we get free ice cream coupons from Coldstone and Marble Slab, and B1G1 from Diary Queen. Boston’s gives us a free dessert and TGIF gives us a free dessert with the purchase of an entree. But our favorite one is Red Robin who gives you a free gourmet burger! Any burger, any size, any price. Yours. Free. Now you can’t get better than free, can you? And several of the restaurants send more coupons for $$$ off or outright free stuff throughout the year. It only takes five minutes to enter your birthdate and email address and you save tons!

3. Carry stamps with you
As ridiculous as this sounds, it’s a huge saver when you stop to think about it. We’ve all been there: have the bill/card/letter all ready to go and then, oops! We forgot to grab a stamp before we left the house. There’s a whole book at home, but now we have to go to the post office for one measly little stamp, stand in line, and maybe even buy a second whole book. It’s just a hassle. But wait! When we bought that last book we took off a page and put it in our wallet for such a time as this. Eureka! Problem solved.

4. Save the grocery store bags
I know that it’s tons easier to just throw those babies away, but they have GREAT uses! Use them for the garbage can in the bathroom, keep them in the car for garbage, stuff them in the diaper bag for dirty diapers, use them to put your lunch in when going hiking so it doesn’t spill in the backpack, pick up dog poo with them (hey! just saying!)… there are endless possibilities. If you don’t recycle them, at least reuse them!

5. Forget the Cable, Use the Internet
Today, nearly every network has an online presence and one of the major trends is for them to place television shows online after they’ve been shown on the air. We’re talking about free tv! The programs are usually uploaded 24 hours- 1 week after they’ve been initially aired, and only have 30-second commercials or are entirely commercial free! One great site is which has more tv shows and movies than you could ever watch! Now granted, some you wouldn’t WANT to watch, but hey, what do you expect for free? The best part (besides being free) is that you can watch without signing up, but if you do sign up, you can subscribe to specific shows so when they air online, they go straight to your queue and even send you an email letting you know. There are a lot of back seasons on there, too. If there isn’t a show on itself, then they’ll have a link where you can watch it on the network website. Another great option is Plans range from a few dollars to about twenty dollars a month, for 1 to 4 DVDs at a time, with unlimited amount of movie rentals each month. But even better than that is the online availability! You can watch unlimited movies and tv shows on your computer (both Mac and PC) or on your TV through your Wii, Xbox, or PS3! They have have current shows, classic movies, or even kids shows like Veggie Tales! And for less than $20 a month? Try finding a cable package that cheap! Sure, these options aren’t quite the same as having cable, but they’re a good compromise between staying within the budget, watching some great movies, and having the free time to get up, go outside, and P-L-A-Y!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tips! Do you have any tips to share?

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  1. Great tips! I’ve gotten my hair done at a beauty school several times. They always did an awesome job! Love your photography! 🙂

  2. Thanks! Would you believe it— the girl, Rebekah, gave me THE BEST haircut of my life! Woohoo! Now I’m all snazzy to meet Micah’s family at the reunion! 🙂

    And thank you, I’m still definitely learning something new each and every day, but isn’t that what photography is all about?

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