Moments such as these

I live for moments like these… Even as he sleeps, he reaches his hand out to clasp mine. He breaths in and out, each little sigh as gentle as a butterfly’s wing. I place my hand on his tiny body and feel the thump-thump-thump of his heartbeat, full of promise and anticipation for the future. His little nose wrinkles every so slightly. His lips curl into a smile as he slips into dream land. And then, the dream turns scary and he whimpers, even in his sleep seeking for the comfort that only a mother can give. His peace restored, those dark eye lashes flutter ever so softly as he opens those beautiful blue eyes of his and looks straight into my heart. Oh, I did not know that it was possible to love this much. Gently, I brush my hand across his forehead and tell him not to fret, Mommy is here. With one last sigh he closes his eyes and holds onto my hand, drifting back to sleep. Oh, my baby, my child, my little one. Mommy loves you.

Oh for the joy found in moments like these.

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