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  1. great edit, look at the eyes-just beautiful

  2. It’s pretty great – thanks for breaking down your process. So glad you didn’t delete.

  3. Such a cutie!

  4. Thanks Ewa- I’m so glad that the eyes showed forth in the final edit!

    Ashley- I like to read the step-by-step tutorials, so I figured ya’ll would too!

    Mommy2Four- Thanks! He takes over his mom… and dad 😉

  5. They’re all lovely. I really liked the simple subtle 2nd photo with the color burn. But the eyes in the last are spectacular. Love it.

  6. I love the colors!! I think the eyes look kind of freaky but cool LOL. It’s easy to overdo the eye things when they have gorgeous blue eyes!

  7. Winn/Koreen, I know! Even the “in-process” ones turned out so adorable!

    And yes.. the eyes. I’m printing this one out for his room 🙂

  8. Amanda, Oh believe you me, I’ve had to be careful! His eyes are soooo bright blue that they look downright fake, even SOOC! :/ oh well, what can you do, ya know?

  9. Beautiful edits!! I have the same problem with my sons blue eyes…they are so crystal clear that they look fake. 🙂 Great job on these!

  10. Oh wow! His eyes are stunning. Great edits!

  11. WONDERFUL edit!

  12. Courtney K- Blue eyes are amazing.. but quite difficult to edit! 😛

    Courtney (without the K :P)- Thanks a ton!

    Sheri- Gracias!

  13. I definitely like the second edit the best!! Beautiful eyes!

  14. Fabulous edit!! And thanks for the step-by-step – really helpful!

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