Surprising the Family- Day 1

I already shared the story of our crazy trip down to Tennessee to surprise my family, but here

The morning after we arrived, Mom and Dad had to keep an appointment in Nashville, Brandon (Brother #2) was heading to college, and Tyler (Brother #1) was staying around the house to do chores. At least, that was the plan when we all (finally) headed to bed at midnight. Apparently, the plan changed sometime during the night because come morning, Mom had decided to stay home after all. I’m sure the fact that her grandson whom she hadn’t seen since he was two weeks old was in the other room had absolutely nothing to do with that decision.

Nothing at all.

But of course, they decided this after we went to bed so Caleb, Micah, and I all fell asleep and did not wake up until noon. Yes, you did read that correctly! We slept until NOON! Even Caleb! Wow— Micah and I haven’t gotten that much sleep since before Caleb was born. And I’m sure we won’t sleep that long again until after Caleb celebrates a few more birthdays. And by then he might have a younger brother and sister to ruin our sleep on his behalf.

Just carrying on the tradition.

Apparently, though, Mom and Tyler were trying out a few sleep-deprivation tactics of their own. Mom had gotten up at 6 am, like she always does, and figured that we would wake up about 8 am, the time we usually wake up when we’re visiting. Eight o’clock came and eight o’clock went away. Goodbye eight o’clock, it was nice knowing you.

She fixed breakfast and she and Tyler ate outside on the deck which was right next to the bedroom window. According to Mom, they both talked quite loudly in an effort to wake us up.

Needless to say, we didn’t wake up.

Then Mom did chores around the house, conveniently, the majority of which took place right outside the bedroom door. Since we were sleeping in Tyler’s bedroom (since he has the bigger of the brother’s beds), he apparently came in at one point to get clothes to get dressed, but we didn’t give so much as an eye twitch.

To top it all off, he even went outside and started mowing the grass… you guessed it, right outside our window.

Finally, we all three woke up within minutes of each other.

And then Mom was happy. As was Caleb.

Do you think that it’s possible for a part of him to recognize her voice? I’ve read the accounts of children being adopted at birth but years later recognizing their birth mother’s voice, even in a crowd. Somehow, I think he does remember. We’ve tried to keep my family a part of his life through pictures, phone conversations, and video chats… but there was nothing like actually being together for real.

My awesome brother, Tyler, decided to join us. Thanks for giving up your room, dude!

Meet Jake, my family’s 3-month-old Pomeranian Shiatsu. Talk.About.Energetic.

If anything falls on the floor, it’s his. And you’d better watch your napkin, he’s a paper thief! Yes, that is a bit of my napkin in his mouth.

But I didn’t have the heart to stay made at him… what a cutie!

And of course, Caleb had to choose this time to start teething. He was chewing on everything. Thankfully, the crying/screaming held off until we left. But whew, that’s another story entirely.

Jake likes to nip a little too much, though. Tyler calls him “Demon Dog.”

Friday night we went out to eat with some long-time friends that we hadn’t seen  in a year or better. Their girls had grown up sooooo much since the last time we were together!

Rachel is due in December with a BOY and is super-cute prego! Aww… I miss being prego….

Caleb loved watching the water at the fountain. My little water baby…

And of course, Micah had to be shown off our little Buddha baby.

Brad and Rachel even have his and her children! Sara looks JUST like her daddy, even acts all shy and quiet like him too.

Meanwhile, Emily is just like her mommy! Makes me wonder what little Aiden is going to be like!

And then there is my little boy… he takes after Mommy AND Daddy! I even got a rare picture with him (usually, I’m behind the camera!). Don’t you just love his little mowhawk?

He was amazed at the fish in tank… I think he wanted to eat them. hehe

Once we got home, we gave Caleb a much-needed bath (he smelled like an airport, if you know what I mean). He looked like a total Gerber Baby!

And that, folks, was Friday! 😛


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