Happy 0.5 Birthday, Caleb!

Today, the 17th of September, our little boy turned 6 months old!

Oh, where did the time go? I know it’s cliche, but “where did the time go?” His birth still plays over and over in my mind like it was just last week. Sometimes I even think that I feel the his flutters inside my tummy. I look at him and see the tiny 2-week old baby that amazes me with every little look and sigh.

Only now he isn’t 2 weeks old anymore. He’s 6 months old. And while a part of me misses the 2-week old, I do believe that this is the most fun age yet. Caleb is so interactive! Everything is new and different and exciting. He smiles, laughs, even plays peek-a-boo with his Daddy. Instead of just watching us because we’re Mommy and Daddy, he actually watches us to see what we’re doing. We are his world. And yet his world is ever expanding, each day is a new experience and a new adventure.

Height: no clue, we’ll get back to you after his appointment on Monday

Weight: no clue, we’ll get back to you after his appoint on Monday

Eyes: Still bright, baby blues

Hair: Soft, blond, and adding more every day

Favorite thing to do: Play peek-a-boo and have Daddy zoom him through the air

Skills: Can roll over, sit up, and stand up as long as he is holding onto something, does baby push-ups

Milestones: Got his first tooth last Saturday, September 11th, Had his first solid food (cereal) Saturday September 4th

Our favorite thing about him: His laugh

Mommy and Daddy love you bunches, Caleb boy!


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  1. As you know all parents think they have the cutest kid, but I must admit you’ve got one cute baby boy on your hands. I’m sure when he’s older you’ll have to knock those crazy girls off of him! So glad his is so happy and healthy!

  2. Oh, you know it! He’s going to break hearts… just like his daddy 😉

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