Caleb’s 6-month Checkup!

We just got back from the doctor’s for Caleb’s 6-month checkup. So far, so good! We (finally) found out his weight/height (Micah has been usually a fish scale in the past months).

Caleb’s Stats
16 lbs
25th percentile
26.5 inch
50th percentile
Head Circumference:
17.5 inches
75th percentile
See? I knew that he had his Daddy’s big head!
But really, our doc was a little concerned because Caleb was in the lower percentile for the weight, but she’s not actually worried since he’s he looks healthy, has a good appetite, and has always gained weight a good pace. So, we’re just going to come back at 9 months to see how he’s doing and call it good.
It’s fun though, because we’ve gotten the “official” approval to start on all types of food, even meat! It’s weird to think that Caleb can eat all of that stuff. But he is a growing boy, after all!
The one part of the visit that I did not like (besides the wait, of course), was the rectal temperature reading.
Oh my, his face.
Sorry, kiddo.

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  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your little guy is so adorable! Your post on the panties, btw, had me cracking up! I am now your newest follower!

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