Caleb’s Silly Faces and a bit of news

I love how Caleb has such a range of silly faces. His eyes get all big, his chubby cheeks stick out, he wrinkles his nose and my heart just begins to melt. You can’t help but smile at this kid!

And although you can’t see it in these pictures… guess what… Caleb has teeth! That’s right… teeth!

As in, more than one.

Remember when he had those few days back at the beginning of the month where he was just a troll baby 24/7? Well, turns out his was so grump cause he was teething… for two teeth. Those little sharp razors finally popped through back on the 11th and we thought that was it for a while. No sooner did those pop through than we felt some little nubs beneath his gums. Oh boy… teeth #3 and #4? Yup.

But this is where the story takes a turn for the better! Ever since that first bout with teething from “the bad place”, Caleb has been a perfect angel! No crying, no waking up in the middle of the night, no fits, no pain… nothing. It’s absolutely amazing and I did not expect that!

And wouldn’t you know it? Numbers #3 and #4 made their appearance this past Saturday. And on Sunday, guess what we found? That’s right… numbers #5 and #6 already peeking through. Are you kidding me??? Six teeth in less than a month???? That’s just crazy.

But the best part of all? Caleb hasn’t bitten me yet! Woohoo

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