Who needs a dog when you have a baby?

I like dogs.

I really like dogs.

The one thing I don’t like about dogs is how they like to leave little “presents” for us… usually in someplace really inconvenient, like just inside the bathroom door or on my side of the bed.

Our cat does it too.

He thinks that he’s a dog.

Even so, Milo (the cat) has been really good for a while, and since we don’t have a dog, we really were not expecting to happen along any steaming piles of ooey, gooey, poo-ness. (why yes, I did just make that word up)

But we forgot that even though we don’t have a dog, we do have a baby.

“Wait!” you say. “What does have a baby have to do with anything?”

Oh, I am so glad you asked!

Last night we were all in the living room, just minding our own business. Micah was working on some project, I was on the computer ordering some new photography backdrops (woohoo!), and Caleb was on the floor between us, playing with his toys.

Then we heard it….


The little man had done a big number in his diaper. Immediately, Micah and I began to argue about who was going to change that whopper. I argued that since I had already gotten peed on at church (another story) that he should change it. Micah declared that since he had already changed the other two poopy diapers earlier that day, I should change it.

Of course, the arguing meant that no body was changing the diaper. Instead, our son sat there in all his squishy, gushy goodness.That in itself, wasn’t so bad because Caleb likes two do an “aftershock” about five minutes after the initial “rumble” and if you change it too soon…. exploding poop!

Micah returned to his work to wait it out until the aftershock and I turned back to the computer. All of a sudden I smelled something really bad. I mean, it didn’t just stink… whatever it was, that was toxic. Surely it couldn’t be… no…. it wouldn’t… that smell couldn’t be coming from my son???

Turning towards Caleb, I froze in horror. There, on the blanket, was a pile of poo. What?????? Somehow, don’t ask me how, he had managed to only poop on one side of his diaper so everything had come out and was smugly resting on the softness of my clean cuddle blanket.

Shouting, “Poo!!!!!” I raced to the kitchen to get some paper towels even as I heard Micah say, “Dude….” Very carefully, Micah picked Caleb up as I used two paper towels to pick up the pile of poop. Seriously… I think that pile weighed more than Caleb does! Taking one look at the chunks of poo clinging to Caleb’s chubby lugs as well as the quite-heavy diaper that promised that there were more goodies to come, we looked at each other and I said, “Oh well, he needed a bath anyway.”

With that, Micah took Caleb upstairs, stripped him down to just the diaper, and while I threw the clothes and blankets straight into the wash, Micah stuck Caleb into the bathrub and let the water wash all the nasty poop away.

Needless to say, Caleb did not appreciate the change in his bathtime routine.

But twenty minutes later we very much appreciated having a clean baby.

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