Caleb is 7 months old!

Caleb is 7 months old!!!(as of this past Sunday, the 17th)

A few things that Mommy has noticed about you:
Mommy and Daddy call you “Buddy”. Hopefully you won’t think that this is actually your name, but just in case you do it wouldn’t be such a bad thing because that is your great-papa’s name!
You are not the least bit interested in crawling! You have all the movements down pat but have never moved more than about six inches. One day we’re going to put you down and zoom! You’re just going to take off!
This past week marked your introduction to fruit! So far you’ve had applesauce, pears, prunes, and apples/bananas, but you like pears and applesauce the best!
Meanwhile, you’ve been eating veggies for the past month now and love them… well, some more than others. You’ve had carrots, peas, squash, and sweet potatoes. Carrots and sweet potatoes are by far your favorite! You’re okay with squash but the only way that you’ll eat peas is when we mix it with your cereal.
Speaking of cereal, you love love love your baby cereal! Rice, oatmeal, mixed grains, wheat.. it doesn’t matter what it is, you would eat the whole box in one day if we’d let you!
You can now recognize your favorite toys and get sooo excited when we show them to you! Mommy and Daddy have put all your toys in a basket and then put you in front of the basket. It’s such fun to watch you dig through the toys and suddenly find your Duckie, Doggie, Race Car, and Teething Ring! You drop whatever you were just holding and your arms and legs go wild! You pick up your toy and wave it around, babbling the whole time.
And what a babbler you are!  You were pretty much the strong, silent type for the first 6 months of your life but now you’ve started talking to us, especially in the mornings when we first wake up. Such a talker. Definitely don’t get that from your Daddy!
Last week you learned how to fake cough. Daddy says that you were gagging on something and coughed to clear your throat. It surprised you and so you coughed again. When you realized that you could cough on your own.. whew! We can’t get you to stop now! You’ll just sit there and *cough* smile * cough* Silly boy.
You love to stand up and hold onto things. You’ll stand there and pat your hand on the table or chair seat and just talk, talk, talk, like a preacher at a pulpit. Your grandpas would be proud.
You’re growing like a weed, but only up, not out. At your 6 month  check-up you weighed 16 lbs and while we feel all 16 lbs when we lug you around, you are still very much tall and skinny! You get that from Mommy’s side of the family.
You can still wear 3 month t-shirts but are in 6-9 month pants. Your onesies and rompers are all 6-9 months and you wear a size 2-3 shoe. Mommy just had to go through the clothes bucket and put away all your too-small clothes and get out the nice long-sleeves big boy clothes for winter!
Still wearing size 3 diapers, and they’re still holding all your poo. Good. 
Speaking of poo, we’ve noticed that it’s gotten firmer and smellier since you’ve started solids. One diaper can stink up the entire house. Good going, Kid!
You loooovvvveeee our cat, Milo. Meanwhile, Milo tolerates you. He’s so good about letting you crawl all over him and pet his soft, fluffy fur, but lately you’ve started pulling his hair and whiskers! Ouch! “Be nice to the kitty!”
Like any child, you’re obsessed with TV. Look at all the pretty pictures! Your favorite things to watch are NCIS, cooking shows, and Veggie Tales!
You still come along with Mommy and Daddy to play video games… our own little gamer in the making!
Still hate your car seat and scream bloody murder when anyone tries to put you in it or takes too long taking you out.
You are not a fan of getting your diaper changed. You twist and turn and cry until it’s over. Of course, it takes twice a long with you doing all that but try reasoning with a baby!
I still come home and find you clad in just a loincloth (aka = diaper) since Daddy don’t bother dressing you when he took you out of your PJs. Or worse, you’ll still be in the same clothes from two days ago. I find that if you’re actually going to wear clothes, much less clean clothes, then Mommy has dress you!
Bath time = favorite time of the day! You splash the water and love your rubber duckies! However, you cry when the water gets in your eyes… I’m sorry, Buddy.
Everything you touch goes in the mouth.
You hate having your face washed after mealtime. Only Auntie Em can do it without making you cry.
Speaking of Auntie Em, you love her and all your uncles! They play with you and you giggle and laugh and give them slobber kisses!
In fact, you love everybody! You’ve never cried when we let someone else hold you and you’ve yet to meet a stranger. You smile at everybody and cuddle even with people you’ve just met! Hmm.. we’ll have to talk about Stranger Danger when you can walk…
You smile so big when Mommy gets home from work. You seem to know when 5:15 rolls around because you’re sitting facing the door and as soon as you hear the key in the lock, I open the door to find a huge smile on your face! You reach towards me and when I pick you up, you bury you face in my neck and snuggle close. Best feeling ever. 
Mommy-Baby time is still your favorite thing to do. In other words, you’d rather drink Mommy Milk than  even your favorite fruit or veggie! We don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to keep it up but we’re hoping at least until the end of the year. 
You’ve officially hit the too-wiggly-to-take-pictures-of phase! Your 7 month pictures are mostly blurry because you simply move too much! Good thing Daddy can make you laugh and sit still for two seconds!
We try and do a video-chat with your Granddaddy, Grandmom, and Uncle Brandon and Uncle Tyler every week or so. Mommy has never seen Granddaddy make such silly faces! They love you so much and miss you and can’t wait to see you at Christmastime!
You have 6 “toothies” now, two on bottom and four on top! The other day you discovered how to grind your teeth and it freaks Daddy out! Which Mommy just finds hilarious. But there is nothing more adorable than your toothy grin!
Happy 7 months birthday, Caleb! Mommy and Daddy love you bunches and bunches and bunches and bunches and bunches!

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