Go, Caleb, Go!

Attention everyone, may I have your attention please…

I’d like to announce that Caleb is mobile!!!!

That’s right! My boy is now crawling as of last Thursday! His daddy and I have been encouraging him for the last month but he was not the least bit interested in crawling! He had all the movements down and could support his weight with just his arms, but when came down to actually doing it, he would take all one step and then just hang his head and start to cry.

It was actually quite funny to watch.
Micah and I finally just gave up and declared that Caleb would crawl when he wanted to crawl. Well, apparently he took us seriously. 

It was Thursday evening and I had just pulled up in our driveway. I had my mom on the phone and so my hands were full as I came through the front door. Caleb was sitting on the floor with his back to me, contentedly playing with his toys while I heard Micah rummaging around the corner in the kitchen. Hearing my footsteps, Caleb turned around and looked over his shoulder. Once he spotted me, he got the biggest smile on his face, happy to finally see that “mommy’s home.”

Then he did something that shocked all of us. 

Getting down on his hands and knees, Caleb turned completely around and the proceeded to crawl on all fours across the living room floor. I exclaimed “Micah! Caleb is crawling!” and Mom stopped talking mid-sentence. Micah came back from the kitchen and stopped dead in his tracks at the site of our son scampering across the floor. When I asked when Caleb had started doing that, Micah replied, “About 20 seconds ago…”

Once Caleb finally reached me, he sat back on his bottom and raised his arms to me so I could lift him up (btw, that is the BEST feeling… knowing that my little boy is reaching out for ME! And I love that he is actually starting to intentionally give hugs.. aww… I love my cuddlebug! 

Of course, once he did the official first crawl, he didn’t crawl again until Saturday. Buttmunch. 

But since then.. whew! We can’t put him down cause he is getting into everything and I’m not finished baby proofing the house. I still need to get all those locks for the cabinet doors. Of course, I’m really not looking forward to those because somehow the babies always seemed to be able to get in while I couldn’t figure the silly things out!

So yay! My little boy is growing up… I was telling Micah last night that there are times when Caleb looks at us and I get just a glimpse of the adorable and sweet little boy that he is going to be. Aww, I love that kid. 


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