Words of Wisdom

From my Bump email this morning:

hi Megan,
your baby is 32 weeks old!
Baby smiles at people he knows and may even get concerned when he sees someone else tear up. This is part of baby’s process in learning how to express emotions and sense what others are going through. Now is a good time to check the way you relate to others, especially when baby is around. As he continues to grow, he’ll depend on you more and more for cues on how to relate to others. Make sure the example you’re setting is one you want him to follow.   

Wow.. how true is that? “Make sure the example you’re setting is the one you want him to follow.” Even as the young age of seven months, Caleb has begun to realize that things are going on around him. He cuddles when I cry, laughs when we laugh, and makes silly faces back to us. But to know that in addition to the good things, he also knows when I get miffed at Micah or get upset at the neighbors for blaring their rap music at 11 o’clock at night. My attitude in those situations is how he is learning expressions and reactions. I want him to learn to love people, to stay calm, to bite his tongue, to turn the other cheek, to sacrifice, to go out of his way, to care, to listen, to be understanding.

I want to make sure that the example that I’m setting is worth following.

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