Jeepers, Creepers

So Caleb woke up around five am and even though Micah patted and soothed him for a good 15 minutes, the kid would not go back to sleep, so eventually he ended up in bed with us so I could feed him a little, hoping that he would sleep for at least a little bit longer.

Everything was well and good until it was time to get up. Sigh. Never an easy thing to do.

Stumbling through the dark into the bathroom, I put in my contacts, did my morning routine, and then went back to the bedroom to get ready. Not wanting to wake up Micah and Caleb, I kept the light off and instead just used the light from my phone. After trying to find my skirt for about five minute, I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I turned around to find Caleb sitting straight up in bed, staring at me.

I jumped at least three feet in the air… no kidding.

Creepiest. Thing. Ever.

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