The things a kid will do to GET a bath!

Last night Caleb pooped. Twice. Except these weren’t small, manageable poos. No, these were big, gross, smelly, EXPLOSIONS!

The first time, Caleb was in his playpen when I smell something really bad. When we checked, he had pooed out the side and had smeared the poo all over the bottom of the playpen and even had it between his toes. Ew!

Into the bathtub he goes.

He must have enjoyed the bath a little too much because not even two hours later he was playing on the floor in his froggie footie PJ’s when Micah went to pick him up and I heard, “Aww… Kid!”

Yup. You guessed it. Poo was covering the inside of those PJ’s. Yup. Back into the bathtub.

Now, I knew that Caleb liked his baths.. but I had no idea he liked them THAT much!

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