Caleb Is 8 Months Old Today!

Aww… tears.. 
“Mommy… why do I have to grow up so fast?”
“I don’t know, Caleb Boy. I ask myself that every single day.” 
8 months.
When did that happen?
When did he grow up?
When did my baby become a little boy?
Oh, Caleb, Mommy loves you soooo much. I love to see you smile big whenever I walk into the room. I love that you love me. 
Here’s a little bit about your 8-month old self:
Nothing on the floor is safe! Everything you touch goes in your mouth.
Because you’re trying to eat everything, you’ve gagged twice in the last two days.
The first time was a leaf.
The second time was a flower.
Each time you threw up on Daddy.
Good boy. 
You’ve tried your first solid real food: bananas, which you gobbled up for about 5 minutes before deciding that you didn’t like it after all, and the Graduates Puffs- Strawberry Banana Flavor. You thought those were weird. Mommy thinks so too.
Still.. you love fruit, of course. Your favorite right now is prunes and apples. Go figure. At least that helps with the constipation you’ve been having.
And you’re going to hate Mommy for sharing that on the internet in about 15 years. 

You moved up to size 4 diapers this month! Horray for no more explosions! 

You’re still not really talkative, which is okay. You’re strong and silent, just like daddy. There are times when you are a chatterbox, though. Usually it’s late at night/early in the morning and when you’re taking a bath.
Speaking of taking a bath, Daddy is teaching you how to swim! Or at least, how to float. You just lie on your back and kick your little legs as Daddy helps you float from one end of the tub to the other.
Bathtime is still your favorite thing  to do. You splash the water and chew on your duckies.
You love your duckies. Especially when we squirt you with them!
You’re wearing size 9 month clothing. But oddly enough, you can still wear some 3 month clothing. You’re going to have a checkup next month so we’ll get to figure out how much you weigh. Horray!
Since it’s officially winter cold, you’re wearing socks more now. You hate socks. You think that they’re toys to play with. Which may be why you’re missing about half your socks… either that or the sock elves stole them. 
You haven’t gotten any new teeth but you may be getting ready to cut a new one as you’re chewing on either, drooling, and have quite the runny nose. 
Speaking of which, you were a grouch yesterday. Just saying.

You got to try apple juice for the first time… you love it!

You can finally wear the hat that Grandmom got for you while you were in the belly. It’s a combination Russian fur hat and aviator cap. All I know is that it’s so cute and looks especially cute on you! Let’s just hope that you can still fit it come Christmas!
We try do do video chats every other week with Grandmom, Granddad, and your Uncle Brandon and Uncle Tyler. You get all shy until Granddad starts making silly faces and then you’re making your silly faces back to him. They can’t wait until Christmas….
You’ve finally started to like the pacifier, but apparently only as a chew toy. Still… it came quite in handy while we were on the airplane.
Your eyes are still bright blue (baby boy blue!) and everyone says that color should stick around. We sure hope so!
You have a dimple in the same spot as your Daddy.. you little heartbreaker, you.
In the last few days you have discovered your tongue. It’s hard to stay upset at you when you look at me with those big blue eyes with your little pink tongue sticking out.
We’ve recently started telling you “No”… and you just laugh at us. Oh boy.
You’re sleeping through the nights good most times. Still.. you like to good to bed late at wake up at 5:30/6:00. So not cool, dude.

You’re learning to wave bye-bye, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

When we flew to Bethel this past weekend, everyone on the plane called you the ultimate Gerber baby. And they were right.
You say “da da da da da” all the time. But you have no clue what you’re saying… After all, everyone knows that you’re supposed to say “ma ma” first!
Each day I love you more and more.
Happy 8 month birthday, Caleb!

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