Caleb’s Room- A place for my little boy to dream

So… last week I (finally) got the curtains hung up in Caleb’s room. Finally. And with the exception of a few spots where we need to touch up the paint and some more pictures that I’d like to hang on the wall, Caleb’s room is done! Let’s take a peek, shall we?

The first peek in the realm of all things little-boy. And yes, that is Caleb jabbering up a storm.

What you see as you first walk in the door. We’ve actually taken that shelf and moved it into our bedroom as it didn’t quite match his color scheme. He has lime green, it was sage green. We’ve put a white shelf- the same style- in there with bright blue and green drawers. I love it! At least, I will once I actually put the clothes back on the shelf instead of in the clothes basket. :/

My favorite things are the antique wooden train, the cross from his baby dedication, and his piggy bank (that’s his college fund right there!). Please note that the two pictures in the frames on right-hand side of the shelves are not actually Caleb. Yeah…. I need to get more pictures printed out. And I would like to move the maternity pictures I have by his crib over here by the picture frame on the right and sort of stagger them. Sound good? Oh. And please forget you saw the trim that still needs to be painted. Thank you.

Now you can see the wall that we painted for him. At first, it was going to be squares, but that was going to be too difficult and it was too late at night so we decided to just go with stripes and I LOVE them! And the saying over the bed is toooo cute! (It’s from a giveaway I did a few months back on the blog) That’s the picture in the corner that I want to move over by the closet. Maybe put some 8×10’s there? Or a few canvases? The rocking chair belongs to a dear lady from our church that wanted the chair to be loved instead of just put in storage. Favorite cuddle spot, right there.

See that bright spot of color in the middle? Of course, how could you miss it? I got that for $7 at a yard sale! Can you believe it?! And yes… Caleb is chewing on the bed. Oh, and the quilt on the rocking chair? That was made for Caleb by the ladies group at the church my parents used to pastor. Sweet, huh? Best part about this room? The light! It’s the best lit room of the house and we love just hanging out in it.

The other side of the room. I have one of those daddy + mommy = me picture frames that will go underneath those shelves. And recognize that growth chart? He is just barely big enough to actually use it.

And of course.. I just realized that I forgot to take a picture of the door area. It’s nothing special… except for the wooden rubberband-shotgun hanging over the door itself. Hehehe… teaching this boy right from the start!

The best thing is that our little boy has a bright, fun, and safe place for this first year of his little life.

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