Traveling plans with an 9-month old

Micah, Caleb, and I are leaving in just TWO(!!!!) days for Tennessee! We’re going to be visiting my family for 10 glorious days. We leave AK around noon on Thursday, and arrive in Seattle and eventually Chicago around midnight. From there, we’re renting a car and driving from Chicago down to the Nashville area, where my family lives. Driving all night long (with several stops at the much-loved and greatly missed Sonic!), we should get in just before noon!

The last time we flew, Caleb was 5 months old and did not appreciate our direct flight from Chicago to Anchorage. This time he’s almost 9 months old and is Mr. Independent Wigglewart. Good luck trying to keep that kid still for a six-hour flight! To avoid an inevitable calamity, we decided to break up the flights by going into Seattle first, and then from Seattle to Chicago. By getting into Chicago at midnight and jumping in the car and driving until morning, Caleb should be good to sleep the entire way there.

Now.. that’s the plan… but we all know how plans go when you have a baby, right?

That’s what I thought.

I may want to pack earplugs.

Mental note.

P.S. LessonĀ  learned this week: Keep your pumpkin pie out of the reach of your nine-month old. Or else be prepared to stay up until nearly 3 am while he bounces off of the walls, ceilings, floors, chairs, desks, tables, and anything else not moving. Also, be ready and waiting for when he crashes hard from the sugar high and sleeps for the next ten hours. Or at least, he would have slept for the next ten hours if we hadn’t woken him up at 9 to get ready for the day.


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