Top 10 of 2010- The Caleb Edition!

Here it goes… The top 10 pictures of Caleb for 2010

1. Starting at the beginning… this was taken when Caleb was less than a week old. And I absolutely love it. This picture almost went to the trash bin as the original was horribly underexposed and all kinds of messed up. But there was just *something* about this picture that made me stop and consider the possibilities.. and I’m so glad I did! It’s now my favorite newborn picture of Caleb… my sweet baby boy!

2. I just love the interaction and relationship between Micah and Caleb that is being expressed here. Caleb was just over a month old and was already recognizing his Daddy and would smile so big! To this day, his Daddy can make him laugh like no one else!

3. These pictures make me laugh every time! Caleb has such a range of expressions and you just can’t help but crack up at his antics.

4. Oh the lips! Oh the chubby cheeks! This one always gives me warm fuzzies inside and makes me just want to squeeze those cheeks and kiss him on that pouty mouth!

 5. One of my all-time favorites of Caleb and I! Being the photographer, I usually don’t get much of a chance to get in front of the camera, but on Caleb’s 6-month birthday (dude… was that really three months ago????) I surrendered the camera to Micah and enjoyed cuddling with my boy.

6. This one displays such sweetness, which is so true of Caleb. He is a sweetheart. What’s more, this image shows off Caleb’s big blue eyes. You know, with my green eyes and Micah’s brown eyes, I’m really not sure where he got those blues from.. but all I know is that we’re keeping them!

7. This day was very special to me and I cherish every rainy moment. While waiting to meet a friend for a dress fitting, Caleb and I waited in the car during one of the worst rainstorms of the season. Big globby raindrops pounded the car, but Caleb and I were having a ball inside! Since I had my camera, I had fun taking pictures of us and this is the result of one of those snapshots. I just love how intently Caleb is staring and how I am in the picture but not really in the picture, you know? Either way, love it!

8. Awww… I love Caleb cuddles! Micah and Caleb have no problem falling asleep together and my heart just fills to bursting with love when I see them all sleepy, snuggled, and absolutely dead-to-this-world. The older Caleb gets, the more of Micah I see him, like father, like son.

9. This is Caleb with his Godmother, my best friend, who moved up here when Caleb was just two months old. Now, while her move was not made because of Caleb, we have both loved having her here to experience the fleeting beginning of his wonderful life. Caleb just adores his Aunite Em.

10. On Thanksgiving Day, we took Caleb outside for his 8 month photo shoot and to just play in the snow for the very first time. Let’s just say that Caleb did NOT appreciate the cold wetness.. and with his disgruntlement, he was not about to smile for the camera… I love how everything just pops in this picture, but most of all, for my big boy.. I can’t believe he’s going to be one in just three months…

There you have it! 10 of 2010 for Caleb! I can’t wait to see what 2011 holds for us!

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