New Year Commitments

My New Year’s Resolutions Commitments
This new year I commit to:
Spend more time with my family and less time with the computer.
This may mean less blogging, less editing, less.. everything. But last night as I looked at Caleb that in
less than 3 months he will be ONE year old, I realized that I don’t want this time to be a blur. I want to cherish each and every moment.
Take more pictures of my family, of Caleb, of friends, of day-to-day life. And care less about about editing every last detail of those pictures but instead just cherish the memory.
Actually keep my house clean for longer than 24 hours. This may be the hardest one of all! But I commit to *trying* to spend 15 minutes before bed and 15 minutes in the morning cleaning the house so that it stays clean. A clean home is a happy home and right now my house is more than a little depressed….I want to be a good housewife and homemaker and take care of the family that I have been blessed with.
Be a good steward of what we have been given and have ALL of our debt (except school loans and hopefully a house!) paid off by the end of 2011.
Grow in my marriage, in my friendships, in my relationships with family, as a Christian, as a church leader, as a woman, as an individual… 
Give more of my time and resources to those less fortunate. God has richly blessed us in this last year and I want to in turn be a blessing to someone else. 
So there you have it.. my commitments for 2010. I don’t want to “resolve” to go on a diet, or work out more or something like that, even though I do plan to do those very things. Instead, my heart’s desire is to not take for granted what I have been given and to give of myself to those around me, as well as those I have yet to meet.
Pray for me in these endeavors. And pray for all of us as we enter 2011.

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