I know that I’ve been away for a while. Since going full-time, I have been working around-the-clock on photography. This next week I have three full sessions, and let’s just say… whew!

But that’s not the best news. The best news is…… CALEB TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS!!! HE IS WALKING!!!

On Thursday, on his 11 month birthday, Micah was playing silly games with Caleb and I grabbed my camera and used the video feature for the first time in weeks. Now here is the thing. When I first picked up the camera, I only had enough video for less than 2 min, but I just had this “feeling” that I would need more. So I took the time to protect the files I needed to, and then cleared the rest of my memory card. And started to record…

It was soooo cute! Micah and Caleb were really hamming it up and then I passed the camera to Micah while Caleb used Mommy as a jungle gym. That was when Micah saw Caleb start take a step, so he quickly put the camera on the chair and we stepped back to watch what would take place.

Ahhh!!!! My little boy is all grown up!

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