First Foods

For the last week or two Samantha has been trying to snatch anything that comes with 3 feet of her mouth. Usually that is a good indication that a baby is ready to start regular food, so Micah and I decided to start looking at what we wanted for Sam’s first foods. We knew that for the traditional baby food we would start simple like pears, applesauce, or peas. But before we started that there would be rice cereal. And before that would be the real first foods. Namely, Baby Mum Mum’s.

She LOVED them! As soon as we held it in front of her, Sam grabbed them from us and gobbled them up. What made it even more special is that we were able to video chat with my parents at the same time so they got to be there for Sam’s first foods, just like they were for Caleb’s first foods.

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