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I’ve missed this…

It’s been a while since my last post and I finally realized that I missed this… blogging… there’s something about sitting down and writing out your thoughts, feelings, recording the moments, that is really special. Sure, it’s nice to be able to stay in touch via social media such as Facebook and Instagram, but there is nothing really lasting about sharing memories there. Instead, it’s on to the next picture, the next video. At least now Facebook has made it easier to visit one’s Timeline and read past posts, but even then, it’s not really designed for keepsakes, instead it’s more like just a peek or a tidbit.

I want to remember more than just tidbits about my children’s early years.

Last night I sat down and read through that is on this blog, and it nearly brought me to tears. There were so many memories and funny stories from Caleb’s babyhood that I had completely forgotten about, or at least I would have if I hadn’t written them down for this blog. And now I want the same for Samantha.

Caleb at 3 years old
Megan Marlene Photography_2278
 Samantha at 6 months old
Megan Marlene Photography_2284 Megan Marlene Photography_2282 Megan Marlene Photography_2283 Megan Marlene Photography_2281 Megan Marlene Photography_2280

It’ll be inconsistent. It’ll be random. But at least I’ll be able to look back and remember every precious moment, and that’s what really matters.(FYI- I will be going back over the past two years and filling in posts. I’d rather have them in chronological order than jumbled all here together. So keep checking the archives for new stories and pictures!)


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  1. Such cute kids.

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