Silly Faces & Answered Prayers

Oh, I love her silly faces. These were just begging to be made into a gif.
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When Caleb was a baby, Micah and I would sit around and just watch him play, be silly, and discover all sorts of wonderful things. You do that with your first child. Now that we have our second child, there isn’t nearly as much free time to just sit around baby-watching, but we are just as fascinated by Samantha as we were be her big brother.
For starters, Samantha is hitting those milestones a lot sooner than Caleb ever did. He sat up at 6 months. She sat up at 4 months. He crawled at 7 months. She crawled at 6 months. He started cruising at 8 months. She cruised at 6 months. About the only thing he has got her beat is when it comes to teeth- she is still all gums!

Most of her growth we can chalk up to just different baby growths and how girls tend to hit milestones quicker than boys- but we know a large part is that she is desperately trying to catch up with big brother. Caleb was down there on the floor next to her when Sam was trying to crawl and now she’ll follow him all around the house, they’ll play in his room together. Why, the other day they even had a picnic together in the living room.


I LOVE that they play together and that Sam is getting big enough to play. And Caleb adores having a “baben” (his version of the word “baby”), otherwise known as “baben sdam”, and even more adores being a big brother. Growing up, I was the oldest and always wanted a big brother to look up to, and one of the deepest prayers of my heart would be that my children would have that big brother I never had- and that prayer was answered in abundance.

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  1. I love that Zoe, Max, and Titus are playing together now! There is definitely something magical about sitting and watching a child grow. 🙂

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