One set of diapers and potty training success

Three and a half years old and we’ve almost gotten him potty trained. Finally. Caleb was one of those little boys that showed a curiosity for “going potty” early on and we first introduced him to the concept at about 22 months, as he appeared to be ready at the time. By the time his second birthday arrived, he was going pee pee in the toilet nearly every time and seemed genuinely excited about becoming a big boy. However, all that changed and within a few weeks he wanted nothing to do with going potty. After a few fights and struggles, we simply gave up.

Over the next year, Caleb only used the potty a handful of times and we resigned ourselves to the fact that we would have a diaper-wearing toddler for the foreseeable future. His third birthday came and went with no improvement. We would attempt potty training time and time again but we would be left with pee puddles, soaked pants, and a household of frustrated people. And the day would end with Caleb back in diapers. At one point he began to show interest in going #2, something his daddy and I were extremely grateful for. However even that was short lived.
Eventually, Micah and I had enough and decided that we need to focus our time and energy on getting Caleb fully potty trained, which meant sticking it out and not getting frustrated or giving up. Something easier said than done, but we knew it would be worth it in the end.
We chose a weekend that Micah’s mom, a big potty-training pro, would be in town and we stocked up on marshmallows and clean “big boy” underwear. After saying our prayers and taking a deep breath, we started our potty training journey.
Here we are, five days later. And you know what? Caleb is potty trained!!!


In all honesty, the process went a lot smoother than I initially thought, with a lot more immediate success. Things just seemed to “click” with Caleb and he finally decided that he wanted to be potty trained, and that made all the difference in the world.
First, we started on Friday by putting him on the potty as soon as Caleb woke up. Of course, there was some resistance and crying, but 10 minutes of storytime later, Caleb actually went pee pee! We cheered and rewarded him with stickers and marshmallows and then let him pick out his big boy underwear for the day. He whined for his regular diaper for a few minutes but then got excited about the cool designs on his underwear. Success!
That day we had two accidents where he didnt notice the urge in time, but we cleaned up the mess and sat on the potty anyway. The next day, Caleb woke up with a dry overnight pull-up  and only had one accident as the day went on. At church on Sunday, he even went potty in the bathroom stall and kept his pull-up dry for the entire service. By Monday Caleb was wearing underwear for all but naptime and bedtime and was going number one and number two in the potty. Things just seemed to “click” and he never once asked for his diaper again.
Throughout the whole weekend we reinforced the process by constantly asking “where do you go pee pee?” To which he would reply, ” in the potty” or point to the bathroom. We would also ask him “what do you say if you need To go pee pee?” And he would answer, “potty please.” We worked on coaching him that potties and underwear were for big boys and diapers were for babies, like baby sister. All in all, he did remarkably well.
Our plan is to move to underwear-only for naptime this week and hopefully pull-up free for bedtime by next week! Still, we are taking things at Caleb’s pace and are trying our very best to make sure he doesn’t regress (again) and never puts on another diaper for at least another 85 years!
Now, the mommy in me does have to add a little something about how nice it has been to not change Caleb’s diaper all the time and to know that within a few weeks we will officially be a one-size diaper household! And that is a beautiful thing.

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  1. What a HUGE success! It feels good knowing one child is potty-trained and that’s one less diaper size to buy. 🙂

    Zoe has been wearing pull-ups for naptime/bedtime for about a month or two.. She wakes up dry 99% of the time — I’m just too chicken to try her wearing underwear and have that 1% chance of an accident!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah Caleb!!! That is a cute picture you have up of them two. I’m glad Mom was able to help you out. I know what a relief it is to have only ONE kid in diapers! Happy for you guys and Caleb.


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