Brothers & Sisters

There is something so very special about a big brother and little sister. Growing up, I was the oldest in my family with younger twin brothers and while I took full advantage of my role as oldest, I always wanted a big brother. Someone I could go to, talk to, someone who would protect and defend me, and even someone to tease me all the while knowing that we loved each other to pieces.

When we found out we were expecting our first baby, we wanted the gender to be a surprise but the entire time I secretly wanted a little boy. While I would have been delighted to have a daughter first, for our family we really wanted that big brother and somehow God saw fit to grant that secret prayer of the heart.

And during the year that we tried for our second baby, the entire time I prayed that God would give us a baby girl, a little sister for Caleb… and He did.

From here on we could have all girls or all boys, whatever God intends for us, but for now we thank the Lord each day for this special bond we see unfolding before our very eyes. Caleb tortures Sam like any good brother, but he also fiercely protects her and will do anything, including standing on his head, to make her smile. And Samantha follows her brother everywhere, the willing follower and adoring little sister.

Sometime late in the afternoon I’ll go looking for them and find them tucked away in some corner reading books, or playing tea party in Caleb’s room, or cuddling on the couch as Sam drifts off to sleep while Caleb hums to her. It’s during those moments that my mommy heart is nigh to bursting and I send up yet another prayer of thanks for these two beautiful children that we’ve been given.

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