A few minutes on a summer afternoon

These images aren’t technically perfect and there are a dozen little things that I could point out if I were being picky. Instead, I choose to smile at my son’s crooked grin, and tear up at the way they are hugging each other, without my even having asked. I see how bold Samantha is being as she plays behind our puppy, even as moments later she ran away before he could jump on her. The water table was bought with Caleb’s very first birthday money and they have spent many happy summer afternoons splashing in its lukewarm water. I think of how big Samantha has grown and how she is quickly turning into a “little girl” and leaving babyhood behind. I can hear Caleb’s infectious laugh, knowing that each face is uniquely him, reflecting that bright personality and love for life.

These will never be hung as a huge canvas on the wall (though I do think Caleb’s expressions will go as a storyboard in his room), but that was never the intention. Instead, these were simply for me. I wanted to remember this first summer in our new home and the fun we’ve had in having a back yard for the very first time. I wanted to remember Remington as a puppy, when he could still fit in my arms. I wanted to remember the forever bond between brother and sister. Those moments, these feelings. I could lose every image file tomorrow and these memories would be forever engraved on my heart.

Sometimes, the moment isn’t for the living room wall. Sometimes, the moment is just for us.

Megan Marlene Photography_2302 Megan Marlene Photography_2303 Megan Marlene Photography_2304 Megan Marlene Photography_2305 Megan Marlene Photography_2306 Megan Marlene Photography_2308

And Caleb wanted to take Mommy’s picture- not bad, huh?

Megan Marlene Photography_2307

What’s your favorite thing to do on a summer afternoon?

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