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Over this past year I’ve shared stories and many, many portraits of the two most adorable kids in the world. but I’ve only been in a few of those pictures. When creating albums to send to the grandparents for Christmas, I had only a handful of images of the kids and I together. Far too few to represent an entire year of wonderful memories. Oh, there were candid snapshots from our trip to the Reindeer Farm and the picture-perfect poses from our family session last fall, but nothing reflecting all the times we cuddled on the bed on a lazy Saturday morning or read picture books on the couch. No big hugs, eskimo kisses, or cheesy smiles. There were just missed opportunities and forgotten moments. And I almost cried.

It turns out I wasn’t the only one to feel this way. A group of fellow photographers, all amazingly talented and wonderfully creative, also had the same heartfelt need to have images of themselves with their children. Together, we are embarking on a year long personal project – The Motherhood Collective – encouraging each other to step outside of our comfort zone, lay aside our need for technical perfection, ignore those stubborn extra pounds on our waistlines, and simply cherish these simple, beautiful moments with our babies

We’ll be sharing each month on the 25th and to be completely honest, I forgot about the project until yesterday afternoon when it was time to start writing this blog post. Of course, I couldn’t find my remote (or husband!), it was past Sam’s nap time, and I hadn’t even washed my hair that day. For a minute, I was frustrated and tempted to give up and just skip a month. But then I remembered that it wasn’t about perfection. It was about memories. So…. the 10 second timer it was! The kids laughed their heads off as I ran back in forth from the dresser to the bed, making a game out of the whole thing. Each time, squirmy Samantha cuddled close and big brother Caleb took his responsibility of keeping our place in the story very seriously (complete with worry lines).  After we were done reading books, we had to have a tickle fight, which, of course,  everyone knows is the best way to end a story.

I love that it truly was a “memory in the making” for us; nothing posed, nothing forced. Just a snowy day with my babies.

Megan Marlene Photography_2290 Megan Marlene Photography_2288 Megan Marlene Photography_2289 Megan Marlene Photography_2292 Megan Marlene Photography_2291

When was the last time you jumped in FRONT of the camera with your kids? Trust me, it’s scary and even a little awkward, but so worth it! 

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