Happy 5th Birthday, Caleb!

This kid is my firstborn, my baby.
He is the one who always wants to cuddle and snuggle. He’s just as happy helping me bake muffins in the kitchen or going shopping at the grocery store as he is hiking or fishing with daddy. Already, he has a clear idea of how things should and shouldn’t be done. Last week we went for a walk and on the way back I asked him what he thought of our adventure and he turned to me and with the most serious look on his little face said, “We did not go on an adventure, Mom. Climbing mountains is an adventure. We were just walking.”

He loves to learn and explore. We’ve always worked on the basics these past few years and he knew his letters, numbers 1-20, and shapes by age 3. Once he turned four, we began Preschool work here at home (since we are going to be homeschool both kids), but he had trouble sitting still for longer than ten or fifteen minutes at a time. Last fall, he experience a real growth spurt in his maturity and suddenly could sit still for nearly an hour or more, for which I was extremely thankful. He still gets distracted easily, but has made such progress in his education and we’ve begun addition/subtraction as well as phonics and word recognition. While I sometimes want to pull my hair out when we’ve been reviewing the same letter sound for nearly 45 minutes, it’s so amazing to see the delighted expression on his face when it finally “clicks” and the world opens up a little wider for him.

While I think he’s absolutely adorable, he insists that he isn’t. In fact, if you ask him, “Caleb, are you cute?” He’ll emphatically reply, “No! Baby is cute. I am cool and awesome!” Except on Sundays, when in his church clothes, then he’s cool, awesome, and handsome.

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I saw these interview questions on Pinterest and asked Caleb a few this morning. Some of his answers were exactly what I though they’d be, while others surprised me completely! I only wish that I had thought to ask him these questions last year so I could compare the two.

Caleb’s Favorite Things:

Age: 5
Favorite color: Green and orange
Favorite toy: Superhero man
Best friend: Josh
Favorite food: Tacos
Favorite drink: Apple juice
Favorite show: Wild Kratts
Favorite pj’s: Christmas flannels (the red snowmen ones)
Favorite animal: Moose
Favorite song: Ring Around the Rosy
Favorite activity: Playing with friends
Favorite snack: Jello
Favorite place to go: Our Home
What he wants to be when he grows up: A Dad

That last answer just melts my mommy heart into a puddle on the floor! He has such a good heart and loves his sister, although he loves torturing her too, just like any good brother. At this very moment they are hiding in a tote of blankets leftover from this weekend’s company, with a blanket pulled over the top and Caleb is telling Sammy scary stories. It sounds like the monster just ate all the children, according to Sam’s shrieks.

While our company was visiting this weekend, we moved Samantha into Caleb’s room to free up the guest room (aka- her room) and Caleb was so excited when we put them to bed and he saw the crib in his room. He had to go get all the nightlights from Sam’s room and move them to his room so “baby wouldn’t get scared in the dark.” It’s times like that where I have this feeling as though I just received a tiny glimpse of the man he will become one day, tenderhearted and caring, yet strong and manly. Each night, when we say his bedtime prayers, we pray for all our family and friends, and hat Caleb will be a good boy and listen to mommy and daddy, and then, as I turn out the light, I add an extra prayer that he will retain this sweet innocence and faith for as long as possible, and that he will love Jesus the rest of his life.

Five years old. What will this year old? Many adventures, I hope.

Megan Marlene Photography, Anchorage Baby Photographer_0755

How old are your little ones?

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