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The house got a springtime makeover!

As soon as the snow melts and the temperature gets above 45 degrees, spring fever comes hard and fast. I’m ready to head outdoors and have adventures, and soak up as much sunshine as possible. Now that we’ve been in our house for a year and have a vision of what we want to do long-term, I found that spring fever quickly turn into decorating and gardening fever. Each evening Micah and I would brainstorm ideas and the next morning we would make use of the fresh start and burst of energy by checking off as many projects as possible. Over this past week we’ve cleaned up the yard, repaired holes dug by our dumb hyper dog, repaired the fence (also damaged by Remington), moved the playhouse, made a “doggie sandbox” so Remington would have a dedicated place to dig (instead of in our yard), built a raised bed under the front bay window, brought our winterized plants out of the garage and freshened them up for spring, and hung the flowered wreath on the door, which is my personal “official sign of spring.”

Megan Marlene Photography, Anchorage Baby Photographer_1705

We also bought and planted an apple tree in the backyard, thus fulfilling one of Micah’s bucket list items: have an apple tree in the backyard. Eventually we want to plant a few more trees on the side of the house and a larger tree at the fence corner, something that will grow big and have beautiful fall leaves.

On Saturday I woke up inspired from my late night of exploring Pinterest and was determined to actually paint the welcome sign I’ve been eyeing for the past few months. The project took less than two hours, dried quickly in the hot sun, and was in it’s new home next to our front door before Micah came home on his lunch break. I can’t wait to share the full tutorial!

And then to complete our springtime makeover, I stopped by Fred Meyers’s gardening department before starting my grocery shopping and snagged two flats of struggling Impatiens off their clearance rack. They’re a little worse for wear, but a little water, fresh soil, sunlight, and lots of TLC will have them back in full bloom in no time.

Megan Marlene Photography, Anchorage Baby Photographer_1710 Megan Marlene Photography, Anchorage Baby Photographer_1711

How are you getting things ready for spring?

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