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Planning Caleb’s “Big Boy” Room

Now that Caleb is five years old, in Kindergarten, and actually has likes and dislikes, it’s time to start work on his “big boy” room! I have all the basics in place, like the furniture, shelving, and curtains for the window (these from Target, Caleb picked them out cause it looked like books).

Decorating a vintage aviation-themed bedroom for a young child or teenager. Lots of custom touches and DIY projects (or can buy ready-made). w/ Links.

1. Set of 4 Framed Vintage Airplanes 2. Card Board Letters Painted Silver 3. Collection of Postcards 4. Light Blue Accent Wall & Navy Blue Main Walls 5. DIY White Clouds on Ceiling 6. Paper Airplanes Made from Map Pages 7. Wood Shelves with Metal Accents 8. Wicker Baskets for Storage Cube 9. Cozy Reading Corner 10. Framed Quote Prints 11. Striped Rugby Bedding 12. Maps on Walls

I’ve ordered the Striped Rugby Bedding from Target and will be doing a set of 4 Vintage Airplanes in mis-matched frames above his bed, and the silver-painted word F-L-Y over that. We’ve collected some postcards over the year and are going to give a jumpstart to Caleb’s own collection of postcards. They are a great low-cost souvenir to get while on trips and take up hardly any room in luggage.

We have some original flight charts of Anchorage and Micah’s hometown of Bethel that I’ll be adding to each side of the window. His toy bins in the 9-cube need to be replaced and I’d love to find a great deal on wicker baskets or at least some more durable bins that will stand up to Caleb’s level of destruction. The room will be finished up with some paper airplanes hung from the ceiling and maybe a few clouds, too.

Of course, Caleb informed me today that he wanted to do firetrucks instead of airplanes. Tough luck, kid.

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