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Window Shopping at Target | Fall ’15

Target is one of those stores that seems to have read your diary in anticipation of each shopping trip. Every time I go in there something else leaps off the shelf and into my cart. And that $1-$3 dollar spot at the very front? Dangerous!

Two weeks ago I went in with the vague notion of giving our living room a mini makeover. I was tired of all the brown and blah and ready for things to “pretty” things up before hosting Samantha’s birthday party the following week. Nothing like a social gathering to kick you into high gear and have the season’s to-do list checked off in a matter of days.

Walking through the aisles of Target, everything began to fall in place as I found things I had seen and loved on Pinterest and different decor blogs, as well as some unexpected surprises. I came home with full bags and more set to arrive from ordering online. The result is a living room I absolutely love and did without breaking the bank. (Anticipate a full reveal showing up within the next few weeks!)

Since then, I’ve kept up the window shopping and have even more things to add to my wish list… and a couple of things that found their way to checkout.

Target Top Picks, Window Shopping

1. Carlisle Metal 24″ Counter Stool | Awesome stools! We got a set of 2 of these earlier this year and couldn’t be happier with them. So much so that we just ordered some more today since they are on major sale right now.

2. Threshold™ Decorative Basket Felt Snowball in White | These are my new favorite kind of “soft baskets” and would look great next to a couch or chair with a blanket or two in it. Or perhaps the catch-all for library books? So many possibilities!

3. Threshold™ Fretwork Rug | This rug now resides in my living room (or rather, one very similar to it since I couldn’t find the actual one online). I was lucky enough to be able to find a 4×5 on a clearance end-cap and got it for $38. It completely transforms the traffic-weary brown carpet and handles our family and guests quite nicely. My only complaint is that it does snag easily, but some pads on the bottom of the ottoman nipped that problem in the bud.

4. Nate Berkus Wood and Metal Inlay Tray | One can never have enough good trays and the wood + metal ties in beautifully with modern decors. I envision this tray on a kitchen countertop holding the salt & pepper shakers, a vase of flowers, and a bowl of fresh fruit from Friday’s farmer market.

5. Threshold™ Desktop Globe w/ Gold Base | I actually own this globe for the Studio and get so many compliments on it. Of course, the dads all like to point out how inaccurate it is so I usually have to make a joke about it being not-to-scale. But hey, it’s pretty! Just don’t use it to teach geography. (Update 2015- I bought this for the Studio and it’s so pretty in person!)

6. French Seam Square Pouf – Pumice Gray | These poufs are really tempting me right now. A set of two of them would go perfectly with my new armchair and curtains (same linen weave, just gray instead of light blue) and would provide some comfy seating when we have company. And they’re on sale right now which makes them even more of a temptation. But, I’m going to be a good girl and hold off until springtime or clearance prices, whichever comes first.

7. Hex Modern Geo Comforter Set | Good bedding seems so hard to find and we’ve had our eye on this set for a while and just pushed “buy” today. We wanted something in the gray family and really light and airy without actually being white. Now if I could just decide to go with gray or blue for the paint color? (Update 2017- We did buy this comforter and love it!)

8. Crosby Schoolhouse Desk Lamp – Ebony – Threshold | While over at a friend’s house the other day I saw they had a lamp similar to this and instantly developed a middle-school-worthy crush. Not only is industrial/vintage very trendy right now,  but this lamp is like the sophisticated cousin of those metal lambs with the bendy necks from 2004.

9. Threshold Copper Etched Measuring Spoons | These measuring spoons are absolutely adorable! I have measuring spoons and cups coming out my ears thanks to last Christmas, but these copper spoons would be perfect for a country kitchen, especially paired with white pottery bowls. (Update 2019- I finally got a pair of copper measuring spoons in my FabFitFun box!)

What have been your favorite finds lately? Do you prefer online shopping or browsing in store, because I’m seriously torn.


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