Awkward & Awesome

Some days are awesome. Some days are awkward. Some days are a bit of both. In either case there are some things that are just too good (or awful) not to share.


1. The word “awkward” and feeling like a squawking bird whenever I say it aloud. Especially if my tongue gets all twisted up mid-sentence and I just say, “AWK………kdhnkjdh….(hacking cough) ….ward.” Dignity restored.

2. Wearing the super cute maxi dress that I absolutely adore but is about two inches too long for me. Add to that wearing heeled boots and stepping on my hem every thirty seconds. Problem remedied by picking up my dress like a maiden straight out Camelot until I realize how ridiculous it looks and drop my skirt. And proceed to trip into a clothes rack less than a minute later.

3. While wearing said dress and taking care of “business” I somehow dunk my hem into the toilet… before flushing. And have to walk around the rest of the afternoon with pee-soaked fabric slapping around my ankles. It was gross. And annoying. And cold.

4. Getting into an argument over whether “that actress from that show” is blonde or brunette only to realize her hair is dyed ombre and so technically we’re both right.

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1. Playing “hooky” for the day and going sledding with the family and our next-door neighbors who are always up for an adventure. Also awesome? Having awesome next-door neighbors. Especially ones who are up for spontaneous adventures. Like us knocking on their door saying, “Want to go sledding in two minutes?” kind of spontaneous.

2. Beating Destiny (the video game, not the great life force) and leveling up above my husband. My life is now fulfilled. I can go back to binge watching NCIS.

3. Running into a fellow mom-with-a-toddler at the markdown rack at Fred Meyer’s and feeling like we had known each other forever. We helped each other find boxes of pasta for 69 cents, shared recipes and household tips (including my quick-and-easy recipe for pancake muffins) and she gave me the last box of Pop-Tarts with the bent corners. Now THAT is a good woman in my book. Hopefully I’ll run into her again one day. Maybe she goes to Story Time?

4. Actually having a clean house for 2 whole hours until Small Human wakes up from her nap, joins forces with Slightly Bigger Human, and destruction rains again. Then, in a moment of clarity, I realize that what I had told my Bestie just days before: “the messier the house, the better the mom” really was true. Empowered by that heady truth, I let the kids wreck to their heart’s content as they built forts, “help” with dinner, read stories, battle imaginary pirates, and build Lego sculptures that rival the Empire State Building. And for a while my heart is calm and my soul is at peace. Once they are in bed, I mix a little June Cleaver with Rosie the Riveter and clean until I am satisfied and we can actually see the counters again.

I’ll put up with all the awkward for more chances of the awesome. Agree?

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