Morning Sickness? You mean All-Day-Sickness

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Whoever decided to call it morning sickness really deserves to be slapped. Okay, maybe not slapped, but at least glared at. 

All day long, every day. There’s a reason why pregnancy is referred to as the nine month flu. 

With Caleb, I didn’t really experience nausea, just the vomiting. I had to eat every two hours on the dot. If I was even ten minutes late eating my snack, I would have to rush to the bathroom, like clockwork. Although more than a little annoying, it was manageable and taught me the all-important mom rule of always having a snack tucked away in your purse. And you know how morning sickness is only supposed to last the first trimester? Nope, the vomiting lasted from the day the stick turned pink to the day I gave birth. 

With Samantha, it was the complete opposite. I had severe nausea AND vomiting around the clock. It didn’t matter if I had just eaten a three-course meal, snacked on a granola bar, or hadn’t eaten for four hours. There was no rhyme or reason to it. Thankfully, it only lasted for that first trimester and was gone by the time I got to the fourth month, making the remainder of my pregnancy quite an enjoyable experience. 

This time around, the rule book has been tossed out. I can forget what I learned during my first two pregnancies, the little tricks and the coping skills. Instead, this pregnancy has decided to combine the effects of my last two and throw a couple of new curve balls into the mix, too. For the first three months I’ve had Samantha’s morning sickness, around the clock, no rhyme or reason. There does seem to be certain foods that make it worse, like cereal with milk or salad (which previously have been some of my favorite go-to meals). Also, it is worse in the mornings, especially during the first two hours. I have to keep a bottle of ginger ale and a bag of graham crackers next to my bed, eating and drinking within the first five minutes of waking up or else find myself puking my guts out in the bathroom. If it was just during the mornings it would have been easier to handle, instead, it lasted all day long, just with slightly less volatileness later in the day. 

Now that I’m in my sixth month, I’ve identified this season as Caleb’s morning sickness. Gone is the debilitating need to eat within five minutes of waking up and in its place is the necessary evil of round-the-clock snacks. This time Baby has been kind and has given me three hour stretches instead of just two. I have snacks hidden all over the house, in the case, at my desk, in my purse, even in the bathroom. Yes, I know it’s kind of gross, but I did say “necessary evil” for a reason. 

Unfortunately, the nausea has decided to stick around, albeit at a much milder level, as well as the aversion to certain foods and drinks. Adjusting my day-to-day diet has been quite the challenge as I usually eat a salad every day for lunch and now just a few bites of romaine lettuce will turn my stomach. And at the risk of TMI, let me tell you- throwing up green stuff is not fun in the least. Thankfully, I’m still able to do my protein shakes in the morning and they actually help settle my stomach and give me a somewhat steady start to the day. 

With three months still left to go, I’m wondering if this is it or if my so-called “morning sickness” will change once again. Either way, I still want to give whoever deceived decades of women into thinking we’d only have to put up with this for 1/3 of our day a good glare with my evil eye. And I do a mean evil eye. 

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