Third time around and I’m finally organized!

Making lists and staying organized during my third pregnancy

It’s amazing how different each pregnancy turns out to be. With Caleb we were barely out of newlywed status and as poor as church mice. I was 22 and didn’t have a clear grasp on my personal style or taste in decor, so when it came to decorating the nursery it was a hodge-podge of things we had been given and picked up here and there. Obviously he survived just fine without a Pinterest-worthy nursery and Samantha did too, especially considering that she didn’t have her own room until 18 months old when we moved into our first home. 

Nurseries aside, at the end of both pregnancies I had a long list of things I wished that I had done differently and near-traumatic occurrences that I would have preferred to avoid if at all possible. 

I’m determined to have this third time be the charm. 

A lot has changed in the eight years since I was pregnant with Caleb. I’m 30 now (which still feels weird to say) and I’ve been a mother all this time to two wonderful little human beings and have experienced both joy and disappointment. All those mistakes I made the first (and second) time around made me stronger and wiser. I know what to do and what not to do, and when to ask for help, something I didn’t have the confidence to do those first years when I thought that I had to have it all together. 

I have finally come into my own style, preferences, and tastes. Clara’s nursery is a far cry from the jumbled assortment that was Caleb’s first bedroom. Even the clothing I’ve gotten for Clara has a cohesive feel, and that’s with picking them up at thrift stores and yard sales. 

And the lists. Oh, the wonderful lists! I’ve made a list for nearly every aspect of this pregnancy, from buying baby clothes to packing the hospital bag to prioritizing my nesting. While perhaps mildly obsessive, I feel as though these lists have helped me stay sane and focused and in control, attributes that are usually lacking during pregnancy. 

With my due date less than a month away, I’m looking forward to seeing if all the list making and organization pays off like I envision. With a husband that travels for work, two little ones, church work, homeschooling, lots of visitors, and a business to run, I have a lot on my plate. Really, I can’t afford to mismanage what precious time and energy I do have. It may end up that half the lists are absolutely pointless, but for now the lists are helping and I need all the help I can get!

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