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Wish List for our New Home

I’ve loved floorpans ever since I was a little. In fact, if I had been even remotely talented at math I would have considered becoming an architect because the job just seemed so cool. Dream up new home ideas all day? Yes, please!

Back before the days of Pinterest I would cut out pages from Better Homes and Garden and file them in neat envelopes marked with the various room names. I had all the bases covered: laundry room, kitchen, master bathroom, even the outdoor patio. Each clipping would represent a dream for the future. I could close my eyes and see myself cooking in that kitchen, sitting at that desk, or tucking all six of my children into those four-poster beds. (yes, I wanted six children at one time. We ended up with half that) 

One of the best gifts I was ever given was a pad of graph paper. Each design was painstakingly drawn out, most of which were well over 5,000 square feet because as a 12-year-old I had no sense of proportion and drew all my walk-in-closets 10ftx10ft because that was a nice even number. Never once did it occur to me to measure my own 10×10 bedroom for comparison. Which is probably just one of the reasons why I didn’t become an architect. 

Fast forward almost twenty years and here we are, once again designing a floor plan. Only this time hopefully we are a lot more practical, but that remains to be seen. 

First of all, let me say that we LOVE our current home. It’s been a great starter house for us and we have so many memories. Truly, this house was nothing short than a miracle direct from God. It was the perfect size, the perfect features, the perfect layout, and the perfect price. One that we’re now realizing was pretty incredible, even five years ago before the construction inflation. The two strikes it has against it is the small city lot (we simply need more space to breathe) and that we’re close to outgrowing it. We have people over a lot and always seem to be stepping on top of one another. Still, it’s entirely workable and very comfortable aside from those few issues. Which means it’s going to take a lot to get us to move away from this place and this low of a monthly mortgage.

By the way, we bought the house for $185K if anyone is curious, with an amazing interest rate of 1%! But because of some of the loan conditions we’re not able to rent it out without refinancing and keeping it would complicate our financing options. We’ve considered just staying put, throwing money at the loan, and getting it paid off super quick but that would still take several years and we’d miss out on so much in the meantime. While that is still an option if we don’t find something within budget, we’re really hoping for more space, both inside and out. 

When it comes to looking at floorpans we know that it has to be at least the same square footage as what we currently have, so not less than 1500 square feet (we have 1460), but we’d really prefer something around or over 2,000. We’d negotiable on a garage, but need to have storage space and a workshop of some kind. We do a lot of hosting so an open floor plan is a must as well as an office space for me since I divide my time between the studio and working from home, occasionally even meeting with clients here. Since our home is handicap accessibly, it also has a lot of extra features that we’ve gotten used to, like large hallways and oversized bathrooms, and we’d like to incorporate some of that into our next home. 

Like half the women of my generation, I love the farmhouse look, both modern and classic. While Chip & Joanna make my heart flutter, sometimes it’s a little too white-on-white-on-white for my tastes and I really love the dark colors of the Scandinavian influence as well as all the natural raw woods, which makes my husband happy! I envision a wide front porch (or back deck!) and something filled with light and defined spaces while having clean lines of sight. Big rooms and plenty of space to grow. 

The question is, how much is all of the going to cost?



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