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Why I’m obsessed with thrift stores

It’s no secret that I love a good deal. My mom

Morning Sickness? You mean All-Day-Sickness

Whoever decided to call it morning

A wonderful 2016 and an even more wonderful 2017

2016 was a wonderful year full of fun adventures,

Silly Faces and All

For some reason, people think that just because

Happy 5th Birthday, Caleb!

This kid is my firstborn, my baby. He is the one who

Samantha Turns Two!

Our little Samantha is two years old today!!

Those curls of hers

We’ve never cut Samantha’s hair. In fact,

My Wild Girl

Samantha is my wild one. She is fearless and bold.

Brothers & Sisters

There is something so very special about a big brother

Sammy & Uncle Brandon

My kiddos adore all their uncles (seven in all!) but

(Almost) Birthday Girl

I can’t believe she’s almost a year old.

More than just brother and sister

They are truly best friends. When we started raising a

One set of diapers and potty training success

Three and a half years old and we’ve almost

A few minutes at sunset

Warm golden light. Tall grass waving in the wind.